We help sore bodies feel stronger

We help sore bodies feel stronger

Recover your natural vitality after injury, illness or physical challenge so you can do more.

Our skilled practitioners use innovative therapies and hands-on body work to recapture the strength, flexibility and energy you need to enjoy life.


Why suffer with relentless pain?

Don’t let aches or injury stop your life

We’ve all suffered from some form of injury, strain or chronic physical problem that’s increasingly limited our ability to function. Some physical ailments are short-lived and easily recovered from. However, more serious issues related to illness, injury, surgery or chronic stress, can limit you from living the life you want.

Instead of relying on drugs, invasive surgery or other drastic measures, consider a more natural approach that provides you better results and above all—relief.

Make a choice that tells your body, “Relief is on the way.” Schedule your complimentary consultation about being able to do more, pain-free.

Steffon Vitality

We believe in the body

Everyone has the ability to strengthen their body with skilled guidance and the right plan.

At Steffon Vitality, our approach has been crafted through years of training, certification and experience in a variety of advanced somatic work. Our practitioners are Licensed Massage Therapists, Certified Personal Trainers and Precision Nutrition Certified Trainers.

Connie Steffon, founder of Steffon Vitality and the Muscle Therapy Room

Connie Steffon, founder of Steffon Vitality and the Muscle Therapy Room

Through countless application, we have perfected our plans so they are customizable to your lifestyle and goals. As a result, the therapies we offer fit better into your daily routine. We know that if it’s difficult, it won’t get done. So we make it easy.

We have chosen to use the most effective, natural treatments and—with our gentle guidance—you can experience an effortless journey back to vitality.

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Total body focus

Why treat symptoms when you can revive the body’s inherent zest for life?

As you can see by the diagram, at Steffon Vitality, we treat the whole body. We believe that a balanced program is the fastest and most sustainable pathway to vitality. While keeping your medical plan in mind, we focus on three core areas when designing your custom plan:

  • THE BODY—What can we do to improve circulation, release fascia trouble spots and address the blockages keeping your body from being its fullest, vibrant self?

  • THE FUEL—What can we do to make adjustments in nutrition so that your body has the energy it needs to heal, return to balance and be strong again?

  • THE STRENGTH—What can we do to maximize the body’s ability to build muscle mass without extreme workout regimens and increase flexibility without risk of injury?

We have a three-tiered program that includes targeted, customized plans that focus on body, fuel and strength to achieve your level of vitality.


The Steffon strategy to achieve lasting vitality (click to enlarge)


A physical assessment and micro-body work session. You leave feeling great and get a customized vitality plan that’s easy to incorporate into your life so you can get on the road to a higher level of wellness.


Custom in-person vitality working sessions that may include a variety of body work, massage, BEMER treatments, nutritional coaching, etc. to guide you along a path of healing and strengthening your body.


Digital micro-coaching sessions to build on and sustain your core vitality plan. This ongoing support also integrates body work sessions and treatments that help you continue to feel great and become stronger over time.


Vitality is achievable and sustainable


The way we work is simple:


Step 1: Assess

We capture your medical history and physical lifestyle goals first, and then we will schedule a physical assessment in our office.


Step 2: Plan

Based on your goals and assessment findings, we will develop a custom plan for you based on your goals and lifestyle preferences.


Step 3: Achieve

Now that you have your custom plan, we will work with you to help you stay on track and also deliver the body work and treatments you need to achieve your goals.


 What happy clients are saying about Steffon Vitality

I was amazed how much better I felt after my very first bodywork session with Connie. I had been suffering from chronic sciatic pain and really wasn’t getting relief from chiropractic. It wasn’t until I started working with Steffon Vitality that I not only felt better, but was able to get back to my daily workout routine without limitation. Plus, Connie gave me super simple exercises I could do at home to keep my chronic issues in check. What a relief!
— Terry P.
Connie is an excellent therapist. I have been going to her for several years. She uses sports massage, stretching, cupping, BEMER, and other techniques.
— Aaron S.
I highly recommend Connie. I have been seeing Connie for three years, the muscle therapy work we have been doing has worked wonders!!
— Susan

Remember when you could do more?

You will again, we promise.

Poor health, injury, age, inadequate rehab after surgery, chronic disease—these conditions keep you from doing the things you want. At Steffon Vitality, we are committed to ending pain and limitation for those who want to recover their physical agility, strength and vitality.

We guarantee our vitality plans will help you feel more in control of your physical wellness, improve your ability to manage (or eliminate) pain and improve your range of motion, strength and stamina when followed as directed.

You will have a noticeable reduction in the frequency, intensity and duration of your pain. You’ll have less stress associated with your limitation as well as the perceived threat of pain. You’ll have more confidence in your body’s ability to perform so you can enjoy the lifestyle you want.

But you have to take action. If you don’t, you could experience a gradual decline in your wellness, mobility and potentially an increased risk of injury or re-injury, leading to less engagement with your desired lifestyle.

Become more self-reliant and in control, and empower yourself with the knowledge that your body is able to do more and have greater independence and quality of life.