We help sore bodies feel stronger

Tried and true plans that supercharge your vitality

Our goal is to make our plans fit your lifestyle, not disrupt it. Why? Because we are investing along with you in your future vitality. We want our plans to work for you so the results you get are sustainable.

We develop custom plans to fit your lifestyle as well as your physical goals. They work because they fit into your life. We’ve developed these three plans to complement one another so they get you the best results.

Keep scrolling to learn more about each of our plans.


Steffon Vitality Recharge is where we begin to cleanse and recharge your cells with a thorough diagnostic assessment and body work that may include massage, a BEMER treatment or other body work that prepares the body for vitality.

This introductory plan is designed to create a foundation for vitality that takes into consideration any injuries, past medical history as well as your overall goals to improve how you feel.


Steffon Vitality Revolution is a plan designed to build on the Recharge plan, now that we have a good foundation and direction to move you forward. This plan is the “meat and potatoes” of your vitality journey, and where the maximum benefit will occur. Depending on your customized plan, it may include body work such as a variety of body massages, medi-cupping therapy, stretching and muscle activation therapies.

We’ll also be working with you on healing, total wellness through nutrition and exercise that fits your lifestyle as well as cell and joint care. Each client Revolution plan is unique and catered to your body and your lifestyle goals.


The Steffon Vitality Realize plan will keep you on track and include gradual improvements over time so you can sustain your improvement. It also is designed to make total body vitality a part of your lifestyle so you have strength, energy and wellness that drives longevity, helps you resist illness and disease, and allows you to more fully enjoy the life you want to enjoy.


Note that you can always add BEMER microcirculation therapy sessions to any Steffon Vitality plan.


 Is Steffon Vitality right for you?

We understand you may have a few questions

There’s only one way to find out how Steffon Vitality can help you improve your healing, wellness and overall vitality. Start with a simple call with Connie Steffon, explain your situation and ask the questions you need to ask so you can decide what is right for you.

We want you to feel good about your choice for wellness, and are happy to talk with you about your needs before any vitality plan is created for you.