Steffon Vitality Brand Assets

The following are approved Steffon Vitality brand assets. To download, click the appropriate link and save the file to your desktop.

We recommend using .eps vector files for all applications, however, if you are using images for the web, we have provided several different size .png files of the logo for your convenience.

EPS Vector Formats

In the proper programs that support EPS file formats, EPS files can be resized without loss of quality.

PNG Pixelated Formats for Websites and Email Footers

These files cannot be resized without loss of quality. If you require a specific width and/or resolution PNG file for web use, contact Connie Steffon.

Color Palette

The primary colors (used in nearly all cases design allowing) for Steffon Vitality are #00AEB1 (teal) and #588B9D (grey blue), with the accent color being #C6852B (plum). The remaining four colors in the palette are secondary colors. Body copy can be #808285 (warm grey) contrast allowing.

Steffon Vitality Color Palette


The primary typography that should be used in Steffon Vitality communications collateral are as follows:

  • Arno Pro Display (headlines)

  • Proxima Nova (body copy)