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The blood flow you need, when you need it: BEMER makes it possible

There’s no sense in pushing your body to higher limits if your body doesn’t have healthy blood flow. By improving microcirculation (blood flow in the smallest blood vessels), your body will answer the call because it is receiving more oxygenation to perform.

We’ve researched dozens of therapies and have discovered the best quality treatment for vascular health is with the BEMER device. A non-invasive treatment that takes minutes, the BEMER improves microcirculation which translates to better blood flow and more energy to the body’s muscle tissue.

Connie Steffon is a certified BEMER technician and delivers BEMER Vascular Therapy treatments to clients. She is also a BEMER authorized distributor, and if you’re interested in purchasing your own BEMER device or becoming a BEMER distributor, click the button below to talk with Connie.

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BEMER: backed by real science

BEMER is the only Pulsed electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMFT) that has been scientifically proven to measurably benefit your body

When exposed to the BEMER device, the resulting measurable, crucial physiological have been scientifically proven:

  • 29% Improved blood microcirculation, meaning that more capillaries are open to carry blood

  • 29% Improved oxygen extraction

  • 31% Increased back flow

  • 29% Increase in adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production, the energy component of the cell

  • Optimized cohesive behavior of ICAM-1 (leukocytes), therefore optimized immune response

  • Normalized (70-90mV) electrical potential of cell membrane ions channels to function optimally

  • Improved removal of body poisons and toxins

  • Significantly improves the partial oxygen pressure

  • Improves red blood properties by separating the red blood cells that tend to stick together, preventing the blood from flowing through open capillaries

  • Improves the individual cell’s metabolism (i.e. acidity levels and membrane voltage potential), hence improving the cells proper functioning

  • Improved elasticity of blood vessels

  • Rapid wound healing and regeneration including increased bone density

  • Stimulation of nerve pulse transmission

  • Stimulates no mechanism which acts as a vasodilator

  • Optimize the release of Hsp70, which synthesize repair proteins

BEMER Improves and promotes healing

These physiological changes improve cellular health. Organs can function better and the body is able to heal itself when the immune system is stronger. It is more apt to recognize and destroy, or dismantle, abnormal cells which are not functioning properly to bring health to the body.

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After using the BEMER Device and attachments for just a few days, I noticed an increase in overall energy. I didn’t feel the afternoon lulls, or a need to take a cat nap. What was great was that I slept really well at night, too. It’s so easy to use, too. Just eight minutes two times a day. Really amazing!
— Terry P.

BEMER Resources

The following documents are BEMER official resources to help you deepen your understanding of the application and technology of the BEMER devices. Click on any image to download a PDF version of the report.

To explore more about Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation (BEMER) technology, we encourage you to search BEMER on the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health website.


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