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Meet the inspirational practitioner redefining vitality:

Connie Steffon


“I am a nut for how human anatomy works…

and being a skilled bodyworker is a passion. I believe in holism; a natural approach to healing and vitality which I believe is missing in today’s more conventional approaches to sustaining true health and wellness.

I became a Certified Massage Therapist and expanded my skillset to include specialized treatments and therapies that went well beyond the temporary relief a basic massage offered.

People wanted to feel better for longer. They wanted to achieve a state of wellness that had been eluding them for months—if not years—due to injury, illness, lifestyle or whatever situation they faced.

I added additional wellness and coaching certifications that complemented my bodywork skillset and provided a more well-rounded offering to clients who wanted relief and sustainable wellness.

Connie Steffon, LMT, NSCA-CPT, PN1

Connie Steffon, LMT, NSCA-CPT, PN1


This led to understanding more about how energy flows in the body, from the cellular level improving blood flow to increasing nutrition and waste exchange, lymphatic movement which helps detox the body.

What has evolved is a system I now use for all of my clients that includes an inside-out approach that fits their lifestyle—not something that makes them give up their lifestyle.

The result is a more vibrant, healthy, active and strong person who can take on the world. That, to me, is a beautiful expression of my passion for bodywork.”

—Connie Steffon